The Most Popular Replica IWC And Three Worth Buying IWC Replica Watches

Among the mainstream replica watch brands, IWC replica is a trendy replica watch brand, and I like it very much. The reason I like the IWC replica watch is simply that it is cost-effective and looks very good. I have to say that every design of IWC watches so beautiful. And even though it is a replica watch, the quality is also very guaranteed.

The replica IWC currently has a total of six regular series: Portugieser, Pilot’s Watch, Aquatimer Automatic, Ingenieur, Da Vinci, Portofino Family; there is also a limited series: 150th Anniversary Watch. I have to say that each series of replica IWC watches is so attractive, no matter which level of imitation watch is trendy. And each series has products worth starting. So here are three entry-level IWC watches for everyone. Let me introduce them in detail below.

1. IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII

In terms of popularity, IWC Mark XVIII is the best-selling of the three watches we are introducing today, and it is also the series that everyone is most concerned about. It is also one that I like very much, and it is worth buying. Mark series watches can be traced back to the 1930s. The first IWC Mark series watches were initially designed to be suitable for a variety of extreme flight conditions and then converted to civilian use.

Since the birth of the Mark series watches, it has never been interrupted. It is worth mentioning that because the 13, 14, two numbers are unlucky numbers, so the Mark series jumps directly from Mark XII to Mark XV. The reason why we say that the Mark series is very worth buying is that the price of this series IWC replica watch is meager, which can be quickly owned by players.

The appearance of IWC Mark XVIII for sale on our website is perfect. Large-scale broad-leaved hands, Arabic numerals, 12-point double-dot triangle logo, pure functions, but also very practical. The stainless steel case is entirely brushed, and the 40mm diameter fits most wrists. The replica is equipped with two movements, the Seagull 2892 and ETA2892, and is equipped with brown calfskin, which is stable and reliable.

2. IWC Aquatimer Automatic

Compared to other IWC watches, the Aquatimer Automatic series has less market circulation, but this series of watches is very well-known in the watch replica market. The Aquatimer Automatic series was born in 1967, which is relatively historical, but the series was not very popular at begin. Until 1998, sales have gradually increased.

Aquatimer Automatic watches are very recognizable and very distinctive, just like a deep-diving helmet. As a diving watch, the diving bezel design can be said to be very critical, and this watch is equipped with IWC’s exclusive rotating bezel technology. This design can maximize the convenience of divers in underwater use. At present, this technology is only IWC Aquatimer Automatic has.

3. IWC Portofino Family

The Portofino Family series was born in 1984. It was originally based on a pocket watch designed by the IWC in the 1970s and named after the Italian town of Portofino. Although the Portofino series has a long history in the entire IWC system, it is quite popular. The Portofino Family watch’s appearance is in line with modern aesthetics, and because of the red 60 scales at 12 o’clock on the dial, it is also called “Red 60”.

Compared to the above IWC Mark XVIII and Aquatimer Automatic, the Portofino Family watch is formal. As an entry-level official watch, the functions of the Portofino Family watch are elementary. The three-pin design (willow-shaped hands), the calendar is located at 3 o’clock, the three-dimensional bar-shaped hour markers, the panel layout is quite neat, and it has a small fresh feeling.

The above three are the three watches that I recommend for you to know about IWC watches. I think these three series of watches are suitable as IWC entry models. And the price of replica watches is very reasonable. These three series of watches each have their characteristics, covering the three major areas of flight, diving, and formal watches. So it is very worth buying.