The Interpretation Of Elegance IWC Portofino Family Replica Watch

The IWC watch was founded in 1868 and had the title of “high-end watch engineer.” This thin and elegant white dial Portofino Family series watch, its dial is 9.5mm thick, very in line with the public’s aesthetic. The willow needles, matte white dial, and simple scales combine to make this subtle and elegant IWC watch. Simplicity and classics have been the secrets of IWC watch success over the years. Today I will share with you this replica IWC Portofino Family watch, a replica watch that correctly interprets elegance.

The size of this IWC replica watch is 40mm, and the entire case is as slim as the original. The simple design is elegant and restrained, and the rounded case exudes top-notch replica technology. Watch as the whole body is as slim as the genuine one. The hour, minute, second, and date windows are all 1: 1 restored to the authentic size. The dial, pointer, glass, and other core accessories in the dial can be used with the original.

The straightforward dial, except for the Roman numerals at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, all other indexes are replaced by short silver metal lines. The three hands of the watch are sword-shaped hands, which can give people a precise and unique feeling. At 3 o’clock in the direction of the dial, a calendar window with practical functions is displayed. The design of the calendar window is very three-dimensional.

The thickness of the calendar font and the size and color of the dial logo is perfectly restored, reaching the level of universal interchange with the original. The mirror surface is made of the same sapphire crystal glass as the original, which has excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance, and the blue coating of the sapphire mirror surface is processed correctly through the anti-glare process.

The case of this IWC replica watch is forged with 316L stainless steel, and the surface of the case is combined with a bright polishing process and an excellent brushing process. The details of the entire case are handled in place, the workmanship is exquisite, smooth, and shiny, and it feels perfect. The casing is smoother and fuller than previous versions.

The workmanship of the crown is very delicate, and the engraving of fonts and logos is more delicate. The lines of this IWC replica watch lugs and case are very smooth, comfortable to wear, and easy to fit in the cuffs. The bottom of the watch is an opaque design, and the lettering batch number on the outer ring is perfect, clear and complete, and looks very natural.

The movement adopts the Seagull 2892 movement, which adjusts the calendar counterclockwise. It realizes all functions and operation methods are the same as the original. The travel is also accurate and stable, and the noise problem is perfectly solved. This IWC replica watch is the same as the original with the top American alligator leather strap, with a stainless steel pin buckle carefully polished by the watchmaker.

This replica IWC watch is made with superb craftsmanship, and it is perfect in both appearance and internal details. This replica IWC watch presents an invincible texture. The silver hands of the white dial and the black strap show the gentleman’s temperament; the silver hands of the black dial and the black strap appear low-key and elegant.